Lavish Brunch Buffet

Tropical Fresh Fruit Display With Seasonal Fruits And Berries

All White Meat Tuna Salad

Deli Style Chopped Egg Salad

Smoked White Fish Salad

Dill Chicken Salad

Avocado, Tomato And Red Onion Salad

Thai Noodle Peanut Salad With Chicken

Crisp Caesar Salad With Home Baked Croutons And Garlic Bread

Mediterranean Pasta Salad.

California Cobb Salad With Oak Grilled Chicken With Various Dressings

Garden Fresh Tomato, Red Onion And Cucumber Displays

Assorted Flavored Cream Cheese Displays.

Oven Warm Bagel Variety Oven Warm Bagel Variety

Homemade Apple Strudel Presentations

Home Baked Croissants

Assorted Miniature French Danish, Cookies And Rugalah

Soda And Fresh Squeezed Juice Bar.